May 14, 2011

"tax mess"

earrings by silverdog
Preconception or prejudice can be a nasty, ugly thing. It is something I am in touch with for as long as I can remember. People, including myself, constantly have ideas and opinions about others. Being an artist for example, there is this very familiar question about how something we love can bring an income. "Can you live from that?" Well, nobody would ever dare to ask about that when talking to a dentist or a plumber. Or would they? I have told myself a million times, to simply smile and say "Yes" or to turn my back on such conversations. Still, we probably don't feel that strong in every second of the day and sometimes it only raises unnessecary insecurities. Emotional knots of no use. When it comes to kinky attitudes, prejudices are a complete different story. Living in Germany I just know what I am talking about. The world believes everybody around here is absolutely disciplined, straight forward and acting strictly bureaucratic. And, what can I say, it is true. Or what do you think about a tiny package, taking almost 8 weeks from the U.S. to Berlin, only because the Customer Service took hold of it. For a complete month. Today, those wonderful earrings arrrived at the Fishbowl's doorstep. Finally, let's say. After paying another five Euros for taxes, I was allowed to open up the big brown envelope and to call the beauties my own. Together with a form, explaining tons of what I did not understand at all. Ten pages strong. Irritated for a while, in the end I was laughing really hard about this. Sometimes it is just great, when you know what to expect.

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  1. I recognize so much of your story! Sometimes I'm just not strong enough for such confesations... When I went to art-school so many people did not understand why someone should go to a school without any perspective of a job. And art is so important to the world!
    And the earrings are beautiful! In the end it's sometimes the best thing to laugh about it!