May 29, 2011

"seven at once"

Last week the "Queen of Pipis", Céline Schroeder, had tagged me in a little questionaire; telling seven specific things about herself and inviting me to do the same. I think it is fun and as some of you have been asking quite a few questions lately, I will use those seven things to answer one or the other; giving you some ideas about the person behind this blog. Easy Going Sunday Style, of course.

* Peppermint chocolate is never safe around me. Though many people hate this stuff, I have to confess a little addiction in this department. Even the famous, old fashioned British brand will always be in danger around me.

* Before becoming a full-time artist, I have worked intensively as a movie and tv-editor. It had been interesting and inspiring for many years, but at one point, it was clear there was a decision to be made. It was the right step, though some days the cutting room is missed.

* We have lived in New Zealand and though this was quite some years ago; I still talk about as it was yesterday. Like old people do, when diving into memories about their youth. I simply should shut up and go back one day.

* Besides working on art, I can be booked to create rooms for culturell events.

* I hate kitchen rolls. Totally ridiculous, but to me they are painly boring, ugly and of no proper need at all.

* Annton is not my birthname, but it was given to me many moons ago by a friend. There is this famous German children's book by Erich Kästner "Pünktchen und Anton" and when being confronted with "Pünktchen" as a my future nickname, I protested. Being a shorty, it felt not too tempting to be called "Little Dot" and so I got stuck with Annton. Where the second N came from, I can not recall.

* I totally love working on concepts with my man. Sometimes it is a nightmare for my little pighead.

To let the fun keep going I will pass this onto Thomas from 365 days with art.flavour and to Karin, with her wonderful illustrations at the Happy Wall. They are both absolutely worth a visit.

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  1. haha, that's funny, now I feel like a queen!
    I also found it interesting to do and also to read it. You learn a bit more about the people behind the blog. My first reaction was: should I really do that? It's still a little bit more private information then other post.