May 25, 2011

"opening bits"

It has been an experiment for the Fishbowl and it work out fine. Almost perfect. For the first time in two years, we had artistic guests, exhibiting and celebrating with us. This time we had the pleasure to welcome Peter Klint and his family, from the Island of Sylt, into the studio. Colorful paintings, an auction of One-Line-Drawings and good vibes to the max. We truly enjoyed everybody around and had lots of fun. I was in bed at seven a.m., together with the sun. What else could there be said.


  1. looks wonderful and I really like those paintings!

  2. absolutely amazing.
    I love the branch over the doorway.

    PS your background is cute!

  3. looks like a good time was had. a lovely assortment of images.

  4. thank you so much! we did had a great time over the three days. the red branches are part of my freshest series of sculptures. the one shown is called "love".