May 27, 2011

"how to make the boys laugh and a dog happy"

Still walking parallel paths in the Fishbowl; somewhere in between of getting back to work and the celebration of life lately. While sorting out one thousand and one picture, I have found the little scene above and as today is Emma's birthday, here she is. In the middle of some action, tail waving and laughing about us silly human beings. She always does this, especially during a show. The more guests, the better. Two years with that lovely beast, I wouldn't have missed a minute of it. Happy birthday, Emma! Okay, back to business. Open Studio in the afternoon and I am still sitting around, not properly dressed, neither showered. At least the studio is almost back to normal, ready to kick start a fresh round of painting and some serious concept work. Only four weeks ahead and Berlin Bites is going to be presented during 48-Stunden-Neukölln; one of Berlins most interesting art festivals. Actually, I am getting a little nervous thinking about this, as the Fishbowl has been nominated for a prize and we have to do this one really good. I mean, like extraordinary good! Cross your fingers for us, please. I will run, take a shower, get a meaty extra for Emma and some coffee and cake for us. Wishing you a wonderful Friday.


  1. Congratulations Emma and good luck to you! I keep my fingers crossed!

  2. Happy birthday vild hunden!!