May 04, 2011


pic of Emma by Frank Hensel
How to say things, you feel like having no words for. Especially with words. The pictures above do not exactly cover my current mood; but despite all the turmoil and strange stories I have been told lately, the weekend had joyful moments, a lot of sunshine, plus cake. On the other hand, there were stolen plants in front of the Fishowl, an unhealthy dose of people destroying other people's work out of pure jealousy and the political scene world wide, well, isn't for my taste either. Strange vibes, so to say and many more questions:
"People are more equal than they know. No matter how far the distance. Discovering own failings and dark sides in others, makes them hate the opponent - who does not want to suffer from one's mistakes, must hate."(Horst-Eberhard Richter)

Though the plants have been replaced easily, having arrived in the middle of Wednesday the cake has gone and I find myself still sitting in the studio, chewing intensively on all those impressions. I have always admired artists who are able to put their fears, doubts or even their spechlessness directly into a piece of work. Simply letting it out. I just can't. Within such moments you will find me staring at my desk, sometimes out of the window, doing nothing but being lost in thoughts. For me it takes a while, sometimes even years, to transform experiences into creativity. These processes require their time. Until then, I'll problably go on sitting here, thinking and eating one or the other apple tarte.

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  1. What a great guote and what a nice picture of Emma!
    I also admire artists who can do that, and I try to put some fun and humor in it as well. It's not always possible, the world is sometimes such a dark place. You should go for a walk with Emma in the sun!