April 26, 2011

"spring injected"

The sounds of the parc still in my head, colors of sunny leaves, plastic bowls and tiny pink blossoms still kicking in; I am slowly arriving, right in the middle of this Fishbowl Tuesday. Life has been easy over the weekend. Spring has to be my favourite season in the city. Everything feels fresh and alive, people not only wear hopeful dresses and shirts, but also an idea of love on their faces. Maybe it is only me, but I seem to never get enough out of a day and I cannot wait for the next weeks to come. Friends from Uruguay are coming to visit, we are busy working on "Berlin Bites", a project we've have received a nomination for and a great artist from Sylt is going to showcase with me in the Fishbowl. So, things are looking not too bad afterall.


  1. It seems like you have a lot of work as wel! But it sounds good and I liked the paintings a saw on your link.
    thank you for your very nice comment on my project ;-)

  2. It was a wonderful weekend, you're so right!