April 24, 2011

"puzzle pictured"

There is an Easter Rabbit hidden. You only have to look carefully. Very carefully. Do you spot it? Come on, try a little harder. Well, right. Silly me. A couple of weeks ago I had secretly shot a picture of an impressive Chocolate Rabbit Clan, lined up at the supermarket. Since then, it sat there, in one of my folders, somewhere on my computer and I almost couldn't wait to get it out and share it. Today, of course, would have been the perfect day. The only day of the year, in fact. But, after looking and searching for about an hour, there is nothing else to say than: They are gone! Stolen or kidnapped by some evil spirit. Well, somehow I must have deleted the cute little things and have to leave you now, with tons of delicious white aspargus, which we had last night, and a sneak peek of my bedroom view. I am going to leave the Fishbowl, off to the parc and you, you have a gorgeous, most wonderful Easter Sunday.


  1. If you don't find the easter bunnies early in the morning of easter sunday you don't have to worry.
    By noon the most of them already left their hiding places to start the preparation for St. Nicolas day.

  2. Oh what a bad luck, I would have love to see them! But these are some nice pictures as wel ;-) Hope you had a nice day.