April 22, 2011

"orange colored skies"

Due to Good Friday there is not a lot going on in the Fishbowl. No Open Studio day, but some painting business, the invitations for the guest show in May went out and I am doing a bit of day dreaming over too many sweets and coffee. In fact, the dreaming thing started last night already. One of these moments when you sit on the couch, totally awake at 3 a.m., while feeling you could sell all of your stuff instantly and travel the world. Whatever obstacle popping up, easily tackled. I've always wanted to live in New York, go back to New Zealand at least every sixth month, or own an old shed in the middle of nowhere. A wild fishpond and bean stalks included. There are hundreds and thousands of blurry pieces in my head, ideas of what I could wish and aim for. Some of them constantly change in high-speed, while others have followed me for as long I can remember. Even through childhood people have always called me a dreamer and warned me, I will be dissapointed and bitter in the end. That is not how I feel at all. Dreaming has carried me through this life perefectly and inspired me to do things, nobody thought I could do. It is not important, to bring every fantasy into reality, but to believe in things beyond everyday routines.

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  1. Thank you for those words, I feel the same way! You should always have something to dream about, it gives you inspiritation and more. And what if there's nothing you can dream about, If al your dreams came true? that's boring and I think that makes people sad and uninspired.