April 05, 2011

"a circus of jerks & circes"

The most unusual places will offer the sweetest surprise, the totally unexpected probably turns out to be vibrant, shiny and bright. Life plays these tricks and this time it has been simply brilliant. A secret invitation brought us to a tiny, almost forgotten night club. A place lost within stained wallpaper, broken mirrows and a hidden bathtub on stage. Somewhere in an area either deserted and sad, the doors opended and we found ourselves in the middle of laughter, joy and tons of passion. Like many of us, I did have a circus back in my childhood days; friends playing the clown, juggling balls and dropping them, a princess, a magician and parents applauding in the livingroom. Friday night, this faded poem came back to life and was given to us in a glittering fresh fantasy. I absolutely loved everything about those feathers and the soul, the brilliant rhymes, beats and that glimpse of  charmingly offered skin. Thank you very much, you bewitching circes and adorable jerks for such sensual feast. Thank you for having us. I can not wait for another round in your wonderful manege.


  1. I would love to see that circus! It sounds wonderful, lucky you!

  2. Beautiful, Annton, will you take me there?