March 05, 2011

"signed green"

Though the light was almost intoxicating and I should have been taken by the sunny atmosphere, something felt weird in the wood yesterday. Weird and not at all comfortable. Branches and last year's leaves carried the color of bones; a bit fadish brown, some more limy white. Every step made tiny, sharp noises on the totally dried out ground and broken trees all around gave the area a desperate and extremely untidy look. Of course this was a long freezing winter and my mind perfectly knows about the fact, that nature is only waiting for spring to awake and to blossom like crazy. I am just not good with the "in betweens"; the moments when something has ended, but the new hasn't started yet. Drama or joy, I can handle this a lot easier than periods when nothing spectacular comes up. The point I am not sure about, is this a good or a bad thing? While walking deeper into the wood, still not with the usual effect of relief, I suddenly spottet a nice little sign. A secret note that reminded me of something more colorful, something more vivid. I have no idea what the inscription said, but within the second of discovering it right there in the bark, I started seeing green all around me. A bit of moss, strong ivy climbing up naked logs; it felt like the bare and unconcious shift of my focus, completely changed the energy around me. Have a great and inspiring weekend everybody!


  1. Beautiful little story, You describe it perfectly and in the beginning I felt the uncomfortable atmosphere...

  2. Is isn't funny how one place can change from one moment to the other? From dead to alive, so to say.