March 03, 2011


I just love being boring. Sometimes there is nothing more delightful than stepping aside, staying in to the extreme and doing all the ordinary stuff, we take far too little time for in the Fishbowl. Over the last days, there was mainly sorting out papers and writing concepts for upcoming events. I did have scrambled eggs by early afternoon or got together a subtle invitation card, for the studio party we're having by the end of March. One of the highlights; homemade muffins. The first kind of cake, I did bake in at least three months. It is strange how we all seem to detach from routines our grandparents probably never thought about giving up. Of course, I do not want to become overly nostalgic here, but once in a while it feels great to just let it go. Accentuation on the while, as suddenly I've noticed, that I basically didn't leave the house in three days. Well, expect for a tiny birthday party, but this didn't count for real, as it took place in the bar only two doors ahead. I started to get nervous, not enjoying the silence anymore. From tomorrow on, I will be in the studio fulltime. Four days in a row. This perspective is what makes me happy now.

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  1. I can't agree with you more: let it go and eat muffins! ;-)