March 21, 2011

"everybody deserves music"

chansons deluxe
the piano man
We've made it and though I am still a bit tired from the weekend, I cannot say anything else but "Thank you, thank you!". Blossom, our studio party, went absolutely well. We had a fantastic night at the Fishbowl with a lot of lovely and inspiring people around, an amazing chanson program and great food. I couldn't have ask for more. It will bring me through this week with a big smile on my face. And to share a tiny secret; from now on I will be addicted to Salty Dogs and Rosmary Popcorn.


  1. Maybe I'll try the rosmary popcorn...

  2. You definitely have to try it, it is really mind blowing. As well was the Vanilla-Rose version. Have a great week, Céline!