February 24, 2011

"living up"

Almost unbelievably amazing, after one more week, my driver's licence has finally been finished to be picked up. It took the office only three months, but I don't care anymore. It is here now and I can get over to do other stuff. Above that, we've got a nice little present last night. Sometimes neighbors ask us to take care about their letter boxes or flats, as long as they are on holiday. I don't mind doing these things at all, it is what neighbors should do, but in one case, it is almost a pleasure. One of the couples living in our building, they are too sweet. Everytime they return from some far and mostly sunny destination, they'll bring a well thought about present for us; marple syrup from Canada, Mokka from Greece or herbs from Las Palmas. This time they had been to Thailand for a couple of weeks and last night, they brought us Thai Rum and a special oil to revitalize when tired and stressed out. Thank you so much guys. I will empty your letter box forever.

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  1. This is great and I know exactly how you feel.
    One time I took care of the flowers of a friend during her 6 weeks of holidays in canada...she was living on the 6th floor, needless to say without an elevator...
    When she came back she brought me a pair of earrings made by her mum. Tiny sea shells from the canadian beach...the weeks of climbing up the way to her appartment went unimportant...
    Enjoy the rum! ;)