February 13, 2011

"bottles, ghosts and pleasure"

I am no believer in "artists should suffer to become truly creative", but the beginning of the year very often comes with a tight budget. No matter how careful we act, lately February it is time for stepping back and for a little saving. Though I know about this in advance and can almost see it coming, there are times when I am not good in getting over with it. Once in a while, though we are not talking about any drastic drama here, I tend to panic about this season. This year though, I have made the decision to not only take a deep breath, but to smile about it. It is of no help to look at it any different, than as the months of a year, when working for freelancer is a bit more rough than usual. Staring at difficulties might only let them grow in an unhealthy way, so probably some proper, and good balanced action, is much more useful. And opening up to be prepared for all the new adventures around the corner. Therefore, we've done something quite ordinary and spent all saturday cleaning and polishing the place. After a couple of hours the entire Fishbowl looked amazing and shiny again. I just love these moments. To reward our sucess, we took today of completely; no paperwork, no studio, but watching movies in the morning, an easy, though delicious breakfast at 3 p.m. and some sweet childhood memories. Sometimes going simple is such a pleasure. It made this a wonderful weekend of little things and rediscovered treasures around the Fishbowl and I can't wait for the week to come.

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