January 05, 2011

"strategies of a snail"

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Though it was planned to start this new year with some big Boom Bang, it already teaches me its first lesson. Of course things are not going according to plan and of course I am old enough, to should have known better. Berlin is still freezing, so does life in the Fishbowl feel. Slowmotion in every corner. The first three days at the studio are basically over and I am still surrounded by piles of paperwork, untouched emails and overdue pieces of Christmas decoration. Not even talking about a messy bathroom and boxes over boxes next to the couch.Yesterday, when nothing seemed to go anywhere and one step ahead, resulted in two back, I kind of started to get hysterical about it. Like, this was not what all those horoscopes were telling me about a very sucessful and even more happy year. Please do not laugh, but I was close to stamp down my foot on the ground, screaming: " I want action. Now!" The result was ordering pizza, having too much Red in front of the TV and a very sleepy artist in the morning. Typing this, makes me blush actually and astonishingly, laugh about myself more than anything else. And guess what, exactly that seems to be the key. The moment I shot the picture of these little golden guys, making themselves comfortable on a stack of bills and letters, that are waiting for my attention, I started smiling. Alright, the new year wants me to start as slow as the old one wanted me to end it. I get, be it. Maybe tomorrow things will change or maybe I will understand what this lesson means. I don't care anymore, but will go into the kitchen and cook my favourite vegetable soup. Tons of chili and cheese on top.


  1. I love your vegeable soup.
    And the little golden guys know as well as you should do to reach your aim it is necessary to make step by step. This year just started. You can do.

  2. sorry, it was Asian in the end... thank you for being you!