January 16, 2011

"chances are"

A couple of days ago, a fellow artist approached me, asking if I would be interested to work on a big show with her. We have been a team before and it was an amazing, though stressful experience. I truly admire that woman and her work. She is absolutely inspiring and one of these personalities who bring the best out of somebody else. So she told me about that enormous industrial place and its owner, who plans to establish an important art space there. We would not only be part of the show, but also decide on the topic, select the artists, make desicions on the catalogue, on the design and last but not least, we would be the ones to define four weeks of a supporting program. It feels like some huge chunk of a cake or a delicious, but heavy meal, too much of the good stuff. Since I heared about the idea for that show, my mind seems to ride through wild areas and then again, freezes in a second, not able to think one straight thing in hours. To organize, curate and exhibit within one show is a big deal. Something quite overwhelming. When on the other side, it highly triggers my ambitions, kicks of my creativity and my will to make a difference. I know that I can do this and it is absolutely tantalizing to only imagine it. Just, how could I ignore the frightening parts of it; like responsibilities, the need to raise money and a million other obstacles that are going to pop up sooner or later. Are there great risks or is it simply my mind, playing sneaky tricks on me and trying to scare the hell out of me?


  1. Sweet Nachbarin, je größer die Herausforderung desto größer die Stimmen, in die die da anfangen, viele gegenteilige Meinungen zu haben ! Wär ja noch schöner, wenns anders wär...
    Sounds like lots and lots of work, but like a huge challenge and learning field, too !
    Love from neighbourin

  2. What a great opportunity! I know the feeling and it is scary...And it is good that you think about the tricky parts, but you will learn a lot from it and it is good for your work!