December 21, 2010

"Tuesday gift"

Berlin is still covered in snow and myself wrapped up into a cosy woolen blanket, hot tea and candles by my side. Though I was planning to go through with the Studio Sale until Christmas Eve, a sore left shoulder has stopped me in my tracks. Since Sunday I could hardly move and after fighting it for about two days, I've decided to let it be. This was the best that I could do and now, being here, forced to take a break, it feels like the most precious Christmas gift ever. Within 24 hours all the pressure and stress of the last weeks fell of me and it feels like I am allowed to watch everything that is going on, from a safe and sound outside spot. People are hasting by the Studio windows and you can already see on the faces, how long their to-do-lists for the upcoming days must be. Still. I wonder, why are we doing that to ourselves. Of course, the Holiday season is great. I love the smell of all the baking, of oranges, spices and freshly cut fir branches. It is nice to get together with your family, finding great presents for them or writing friendly cards and notes. Somehow, we only forget to stop in between and enjoy the parts in the middle. Only focused on Christmas itself, we kind of lose the good stuff during the days heading towards the party. Of course, as soon as my shoulder allows it I will probably, like everybody else, get back into all that jumping around. For the moment though, I enjoy things how they are and hope some of my new found serenity will stay for a little longer.


  1. I really like the things you write on your blog! And you did some good thinking while sitting next to the candles. Gute Besserung!

  2. I like this post :-) Best wishes!!