December 13, 2010

"sunday delight"

The weekend of the Adventsparcour is over and I can not say it too often, I am absolutely proud of the little team rocking the place over the last two days. You guys were amazing. Thank you! There was this moment, when all the hectic and stress piling up lately, simply dissapeared and true holiday feeling started to fill the place. People taking part in the workshops left with tons of chocolate and a huge smile on their faces, while others happily puchased "Tolerance-Gingerbread", some postcards or they just stayed for a while.We even had a proposal in the middle of the studio. A couple liked our place so much, they asked if they can book us and the rooms for their wedding, only seconds after one had proposed to the other in our coffee corner.

After we had finally closed the doors last, some friends and neighbors came along and we've ended up with a little cosy party. This is exactly why living in the Fishbowl is such a pleasure most of the time. As you can see, this artist is officially exhausted. The studio looks upside down and the kitchen is a mess, but we had an amazing weekend, which totally makes up for some sleepless nights and a little bit of chaos.

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