December 03, 2010


Working in a fishbowl, in a studio with huge shop windows, means you'll get noticed; which is an absolut great thing and I have learned to appreciate that fact over the time. Most of the people walking down the street will notice me sitting at my desk drawing, painting or working with the computer. Some wave friendly, others knock at the glass or they'll stop for a quick "Hi". This is very different from all the other places I have worked in before and the thing I love the most about it, you'll never know what the day is going to bring. Sometimes though, and it simply happens once in a while, I really do need to concentrate on my work or finish something of very quickly. In these moments I want to pull out my hair for being stopped all the time; the mailman wanting to store deliveries in the studio, some stranger asking if the rooms are for rent or simply passers-by in the mood for a caffé latte and a little chat. And I am not someone being very good in sending people away.
To make this easier on both sides, I've create a little sign, a couple of days ago. Nothing spectacular, only something that tells everybody, what I am up to. This is so simply, I could have come up with that ages ago. Silly me, just didn't. For the last two days working was more serene than ever and I was easily able to focus on all the stuff for the big Adventsparcours coming up next weekend.

As usual on Friday, today was Open Studio Day, and I did turn the sparkling new sign around. And what I've been talking about before, the day was actually much nicer than expected; in the morning a good friend stopped by to present me a marvelous interior book and in the afternoon, one of my favourite neighbors came in and we had a truly inspriring chat about how to promote our art, the smartest ways of selling and on motivation. Sometimes both sides of a medal are pretty cool.


  1. Very brave of you to work this way! I could'nt do it, I hate being watched when I'm working. It would be a challenge!

  2. hello celine, not that brave... I simply fell in love with the place and couldn't resist to try it. greetings from snowy berlin!