December 05, 2010

"shopping gone wrong"

This weekend was supposed to be busy, I knew in advance. With the studio sale and the chocolate workshops ahead, there are still impressive lists to work on; the drawings for the "Tiny Blog Book" are waiting to be finished, recipes have to be written down and tons of knitting still awaits my attention. You name it. I kind of enjoy it being that busy, but to make it less stressful and me less hysterical, we had planned to buy all the materials at once. We rented a car and hit the town. Saturday, who wouldn't have guessed, was the absolute worst choice to make. The streets, the supermarkets, even art supply shops were cramped with people. Everybody was in a bad mood, hectic, no smiles, no friendly word, only pushing and rushing. After two hours I was ready to escape to some abandoned island or to hide in my bed until Christmas is over and out. Though I made a list of adresses and places to go, we ended up totally exhausted and with basically nothing, except three little lighting chains. Two for the kitchen and one for the garden. They have so not been the top points of our list, but well, after a hot cup of coffee and some cookies, sent by my mother, I did not care any more. Our place looks much cosier now and I love to look out on the terrace, to see it lightened up.

While Saturday tried to trick us, today was much calmer and quite sucessful. The "Tiny Neighborhood Blog" is finished, plus we've made little labels for the chocolate boxes and had still time for some tea and to play with Emma. Next week will be again super busy, but also exciting and I have to say, this year I can't wait for the studio sale. In case everything goes smooth and I will not stumble at the finish line. Mazal tov!


  1. thanks for visiting my blog and your nice comment. Good luck with the studio sale! I like the little drawings.