December 18, 2010

"about cuts, bruises and trust"

Living with us in the Fishbowl, you might already know, is our 17 month old Labrador Emma. It is the first time for me having a dog and I totally adore her; I love her even when she's getting creative to mess up the studio, wanting to play exactly the moment I start to answer emails or making herself comfortable on the couch, though I am balancing a big pot of hot soup eagerly looking for a cosy place.

Last night though, a friend of mine came over and we went silly with Emma, throwing balls and stuff. While jumping around, my friend found a little wound on Emma's left  foreleg, which turned out to be a serious bite mark. Actually a quite deep and inflamed one. After more examination we've discovered at least three of them and I actually had to take a deep breath. A second or ten I felt absolutely sick. For the last two times the dogwalker brought her home, I had seen one or the other mark, but did not take too much notice of them. Well, the guy drives out of town and into the wood with Emma and other dogs, he lets them run around on huge fields, they might take a swim, hunt for branches or for each other. Simply dog fun time, some bruises included, which I believed can happen. And when the days in the studio are crazy like right now, I'd rather have her out with someone else than not at all. To get a dog back with injuries to that extend though, is not cool at all anymore. What makes me even more furious than the bites alone, is that he did not drop a single word. Something like; they have played a bit rough today or that he is sorry, she'd catched a cut. Nothing. He'd only brought her back, a bit small talk included, and then he'd left with a wave.

It is a very uncomfortable and ugly feeling, when you'd trusted someone and he is not brave enough to earn this trust. I still don't think he is a bad guy, but of course I will not let Emma go with him ever again. I am not decided what to do exactly at this point. One possiblity would be to confront him, but I have to admit I am also tempted to simply delete his number. The first might be the more grown up thing to do, of course, but just now I am way too angry to not eat him alive. We will see what descision it will be in the end.

Right now the little beast is happily snoring after a long, good day out in the snow.


  1. Poor Emma! I understand your worries, I wouldn't let Emma go out him anymore. And that he didn't say anything is the worse part!

  2. Thank you Céline'! Though I have to admit, until now, I didn't call him...

  3. probably that guy just didn't notice that she was hurt? i think you should call him and ask directly what happened out there ... or at least just to let him know that it doesn't work this way ...

  4. I know, I have to do it... just wasn't brave enough yet. First task for the new year! For you, I wish the best start possible and a year 2011 filled with inspiration, love and sucess!!!