August 22, 2015

still around

Dear lovely Readers, I am still here. And then again. I am obviously not. And I miss this place and I miss you, I miss writing about studio life and I miss reading your comments and emails. A lot. I didn't hold a brush in almost three weeks. But this summer turns out to be very different, from what I had anticipated. We are still out there, trying our best to make the current refugee situation in Berlin, a little more human and respectful. Hundreds of helping hands from other volunteers do the same. What started out as the collection of donations, like clothes and toys, went over to chopping vegetables and buttering sandwiches, to a felt like million calls and emails, and much more organizational stuff. Ten to fifteen hours a day. And still, it doesn't seem enough. The stories we have been told over the last weeks, the people we have met, both of us in the Fishbowl are completely overwhelmed by them and we will have to take more than a moment to come to terms with our experiences. And as I have written before, I am not in it for the fame or to expose human beings in uncomfortable situations, I am simply in it, because I was raised to help people, who do need help. And because I am a strong believer in the fact, that all humans are worth the same. Therefore I barely have my camera with me. This is up for good photographers, who know what they are doing, but not for me. I am absolutely certain, that you'll understand, why you see only little snippets of my current routine; like a quick breakfast in front of the coumputer screen and such. And I know, you also understand me being around so little. Today I am taking a rest from all that is crashing in. And hopefully, the situation will soon be a lot better, so that everybody can go back to their ordinary lifes. For today, I am trying to enjoy this weekend. And wish you will do the same.