February 10, 2016

toward new shores

Some of you might have guessed it all a long, the big news I was being cryptic about for days. We are moving. Yes, we are leaving our beloved Fishbowl and we are leaving Berlin. It is all quite spontaneous and short-termed, but we have been thinking and discussing this for quite a while already. Many ideas where running through our heads, somehow they have never taken shape. Until, as I have written in my last post, we went on a little roadtrip two weeks ago and suddenly found this amazing place. A place we have always dreamed about; in a very small village 40km south of Berlin (which is close enough to keep working in the city and in the countryside equally); beautifully refurbished old buildings, barns to hold events in, space for workshops and a lot of green grass and little lakes for Miss Emma. After we had met the landlords, it only took us another five minutes to make a decision. And this is where we are at now, somewhere between making plans and saying goodbye. I am so excited about what is next.