October 31, 2014

something more rooted

beetroot soufflé
beetroot mousse
beetroot granitée

Today I am going to carve my first pumpkin ever. Can you believe that? The reason for it might be, that the German Halloween tradition is a very young one and when I was a kid, there simply was none.

This information being totally unrelated to the pictures above, I still desperately wanted to share them. A while ago, the husband met with a friend for a cooking session. He created the most amazing variations of vegetarian beetroot dishes and she took all the wonderful pictures. These are some of the results; there was a lot of red and yellow beetroot involved, some granitée made, the kitchen smelled from delicious soufflé and I couldn't get my fingers out of the mousse stuff. So good!

For the recipes, you're most welcome to contact my personal kitchengod, ART.FLAVOUR or take an extended trip around his website. He is a pretty nice guy, an inspiring chef and super happy to share.

All the pictures are shot by the lovely Ewelina Bubanja from HOLISTIC YOGA BERLIN. She is a very talented photographer and an even greater teacher, when it comes to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. Go and check her out.

As the pictures make me seriously crave for another dose of beetroot, the only thing left to say is: Happy Halloween!

October 27, 2014

queen of colors

Strawberry pink and fiery red; a photoshoot, framed watercolors waiting to be picked up and a little party, including a Lady Bug Cake. Actually, a week filled with rainy days and with a good dose of loving. When it comes to me, the perfect mix. One year ago, one of my little nieces was born and when I go back in the days, remembering a very stormy night, a wild studio dinner and cheering to her arrival with a bunch of friends, it makes me smile. A lot has happened since then. I like being an aunt, maybe I am even kind of flirting with the idea of becoming the Crazy Aunt. We will see. For now, happy birthday little One. May your life stay colorful, adventureous and filled with your parent's laughter, like it has been over the last twelve months. You've choosen those folks well, believe me. Take your little feet to run, to dance and when you fall, to get yourself up again. This life isn't always sunny, but it is a good one. Happy birthday, little Queen.

For the rest of you, have a good start into this last week of October. And always take some breaks. Time is running fast.

October 25, 2014

a new version of me

Been playing around in the studio today. Chilled out Saturday Style. Look who I have met. A new version of me. Someone told me, she looks like she is about to dance. Well, it is not exactly what I had in mind, but I am pretty happy with this little drawing. And the ideas coming with it.


October 23, 2014

many threads, but one

Sometimes the life of an artist contains so many different aspects, that it feels like you'll might get entangled between all the different things, tasks and errands. For many years, I have believed to work best, when concentrating on one project only. One painting, one show, one list to tick things off. Life has taught me differently; the more ideas and concepts I am at simultaneously, the better and smoother things will become. The trick is, not to fall over your dancing feet, but staying focused on the one step your currently at. Even, if it is only for an hour, absolutely be with the painting you're sitting in front of. When it is time for framing, then frame. No concept talks aside or hectic phonecalls, while cutting out passepartouts. And when in the middle of a meeting, currently quite often about shows far into next year, I will try to forget about the timeframe, but get as excited as possible right now. Of course, the concept is not waterproof, it does help though, to get me back on track. And back to loving what I do in the moment. No matter how long that moment might be.