March 02, 2015

queen of colors

Mondays starting off with coffee and cake aren't too bad, don't you think. A week ending with a trip to Brandenburg, sitting together with friends over Champagne and Lasagne, while Emma is going crazy in the huge garden, chasing her dog buddies, isn't too bad either. Only that I didn't take any pictures. What I did manage though, was finally shooting an image right before a studio dinner was about to kick off. Once again, we had an amazing night with great people, and believe me, Serbian wine rocks. Seriously.

Other than that, the week had also included another sore throat and me, deciding to sit it out on the couch. It worked. And now I am feeling much, much better, hoping for another smoothe and kind week to come. The first week of March already. Can you believe it?

No matter if time for you is running lately or the hours are moving almost unbearable slow, because you're desperately waiting for something, things are better with coffee and cake. Always. Have a good week, lovelies.

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February 27, 2015

rushed friday

A lot of errands to run, appointments to attend to and grocery shopping to be done, this has been a very busy Friday in the Fishbowl. Tomorrow we're hosting another studio dinner and I am really looking forward to this one. Above, the sun has been out all day. It changes so much.

So, I just wanted to say Thank You for all the lovely and thoughtful messages according to my grandmother. So far, the situation has not changed and we're all taking things day by day, with hopefull hearts.

 Before rushing into the kitchen, to chop a good dose of quinces, I'd like to wish you a wonderful weekend! 

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February 23, 2015

queen of colors

Last week had everything it promised to have and actually this Queen of Colors was meant to be filled with good food, presents from Greece and reconnecting with old friends. And then, I've got one of these phonecalls, one of the sort you can't even bare to watch in a movie. My beloved grandmother, who is 94 years of age and is one of the most important people in my life, fell badly and things were looking really terrible. We actually prepared ourselfs to say goodbye.

Since this morning though, things are looking much brighter again. All over sudden and totally unexpected. I know she is a very strong woman, who has been through so much in her life, the only thing to do right now, is hoping for the best. The best for her. Großmütterchen, I love you.

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February 21, 2015

minted happy

One image only for this Saturday. One that sums it up perfectly. It has been a good one. Like yesterday, that has been equally great. And the most pleasant part of it, I have finally written a bunch of emails to contact some really important people about Berlin.Bites. These nasty, little emails had been lingering on my to-do-lists for a while already; gotten transfered from week to week to week, and I just couldn't put my finger on why that has been the case.Today I've decided it might just not be worth to get behind any parcticular reasons, but to get over with the writing and to send the stuff out. More than a liter of tea and a complete bar of minted chocolate later and I am finished. Check. Sometimes nothing helps better, but to stop thinking. And to give in to any ridiculous seasonal addiction and to start typing. How marvelous this feels right now. Have a happy Saturday night. I might just have another tiny bit of that chocolate. A really tiny one. Promised.

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