January 29, 2015

studio sights

painting in progress by annton beate schmidt

Some impressions from my studio day and rather brief greetings, before I am heading off to bed. It has been a very long day and I am honestly tired. Too tired to clean up, in fact. The absolute last thing on today's list, will be closing the blinds in the Fishbowl and a cup of to tea, to calm down and to relax. Good night, dear readers. Sweet dreams through this rainy night.


January 26, 2015

queen of colors

And suddenly more than a week had passed, without me posting anything. I never had the intention to take a break, it just happened between the wee hours and a slow start in the studio. Actually, I can't remember such resistance to return back to my routines after the holidays, as I have experienced this year. It took me three days alone, to set up my painting table. Three days for moving some brushes, sorting out old sketches and paints. Well, and I am definitely not talking tons of stuff. On the other hand, the year had started with some rather unpleasant encounters and with a big sign over my head, screaming:"Clean up, Baby." So, I have sorted out some, let's call them issues in my personal surroundings, and cleared my mind of unhealthy crap. I can see clearly now, the rain has gone, is happening right now. And finally, after all the brain sorting, the pushing stuff, today I have turned back to the brushes. The Fishbowl smells of terpentine again. Oh, and there are some roses for you. Just because, this was the perfect start into the last week of January. Next is a visit to Berlin's City Parliament tonight, to talk a little politics on funding and sponsoring. A productive week to all of you. If you're in need of superpowers, I am more than willing to share a little of that Tiger Balm.

January 17, 2015

body text color

It is early Saturday night and I am sitting in the studio, listening to Nature Sound Playlists. Water falling on thick green, waves crashing in constantly and the songs of birds, from the other side of the world, are echoing through the Fishbowl. Oh, how I wish I could be there right now; my longing for New Zealand is pretty strong lately. Losing your heart to more than one place, can be a bit tough sometimes. More on that soon. Right now the most important thing about the sounds coming out of my computer, there are no human sounds. Call me weird, but as much as I love eating with friends or meeting strangers for a good conversation, sometimes the air is just so overloaded with voices, opinions and emotions. The first weeks of this month have been like that. Discussions, news, meetings, even one or the other argument. I don't mind getting dirty and am seldomly scared when it comes to a heated debate, but when I have done it for a while, I do need a lot of silence to recover and to refuel my need for communication again. A little bit like a detox from words and from other people's needs. Then it is only about me. So, while many are probably rushing out right now, to get their dose of Saturday night life, I am happy to stay within my little bubble, work on the list above my desk and dive deep into texting for Berlin.Bites. I couldn't think of anything better for tonight.


January 13, 2015

queen of colors

It wasn't a very pleasant week. For none of us, I guess. Located somewhere between heated red and calming blue. My mind is still confused, feeling restless and in need of more time to understand. Maybe. And to get over with other stuff. Sometimes the only thing we can do, is to cherish the unexpected appearance of sun, little presents and a huge pot with our favourite soup. Spanish lentil soup, in my case. Inlcuding lots of chilies, sausage, and a complete bottle of red wine.

The only thing I wish for this week, is a little break from all the drama, and that we will all be able to get on with our lifes. Sunshine is welcome anyway.