May 26, 2015

queen of colors

And suddenly, almost three weeks have gone in silence. This has been about the longest break since the Tiny Fishbowl Collection was launched in 2010. And the strangest part of this radio silence, it actually happened for no reason. Not a very distinct one, at least. The weeks have just disappeared between a lot of thinking and much needed silence (not that I couldn't need more; my hood seems to have turned into a gigantic construction site and it is officially going on my nerves! just to get it out.). We have found a new lovely spot to walk Emma and went to a couple of great exhibitions. I have developed a silly addiction for childhood sweets. And this year, I am dealing with a good share of allergies and I have found weird things on the sidewalk. Like that bullet. I can't tell you its story, but it felt strange to step on it, while walking with a friend. The moment my shoe touched it, I immidiately knew what I had just stepped on. And my life hasn't been plastered with bullet so far. Why did I know then?

Other than that, and maybe that is the greatest benefit of this unexpected break, I have painted a lot. And participated in a very interesting seminar, on how to run a show, create a concept and to get funding for it. I have done quite some shows in my life as an artist, but it felt very helpful to get a little more facts and roots into my usual system of trial an error. So watch out, there will be coming some interesting stuff from this side. Today will be the last day of that seminar, this is why I have to run and get me properly dressed, but I hope you have got an idea about my last weeks now.

I am happy to be back and wish you a wonderful week.

May 04, 2015

queen of colors

Things are looking much brighter around here this Monday. And after last week's little rampage, I can tell you, that some of the drama has been solved. Not all is done yet, unfortunately some burned fields have been left behind, but we're moving forward. Thank you so much, for all the lovely words and the support. It might sound cheesy, but your words have really and truly helped me.

Other than that, we have survived the anual revolution in the hood. First of May had been incredibly crowded, but much smoother than the years before. While the masses were passing the Fishbowl, I did manage to work a lot in the studio. My new secret weapon (probably not that much of a secret, but relatively new to me) against a mind too full for painting, is listening to podcasts. My favourite so far is Strangers by Lea Thau. I could follow that voice and the stories for hours.

And finally, our Sunday ended with a lovely wine tasting on the street. It looks like summer has overrun spring this year and right now, I actually like it.

Have a wonderful first week of May.

April 30, 2015

a night at the playground

The moon, muted noises, some light and the absence of it; a vast area somewhere between the unknown and purpose. Last night I was invited to an art show, what I did find was an adventure (as you can tell, I did forget my camera. Which was partly sad, but maybe a blessing as well.) in the middle of this crowded city. And I have found tiny stories; of a drunken Swedish painter, a young couple sharing their love by sharing their food with strangers, there were forgotten trees in broken pots, a filmset that was not and a tiny house, almost entirely made of glass. After spending a couple of hours walking around and letting myself float, it almost felt like have rediscovered a huge piece of my self. 

*If you are in the mood for some adventure yourself and if you happen to be in Berlin, don't miss your chance to drive out to Fahrbereitschaft and look at their amazing setting.

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April 27, 2015

queen of colors

Another week, of me being relatively quiet around here, is gone. Another week that was full and exciting, but also another one that included rough patches and tricky moments.

Before definitely sounding like a broken record, the struggles we're having over here at the moment, are money, money, money. Or better, the lack of it. Maybe one doesn't talk about this in public, especially Germans are super secretive about the topic, but it makes me boiling even typing it. And it so needs to get out.

Some of you might know yourself, about the tradition of not paying your bills. We've all been there, done that. What happens right now though, three major clients of the husband are not paying for the jobs he did for them. This happens a lot in hospitality. And in Berlin on top. Basically every freelancer I have met so far, told me similar stories. It makes me so, so furious.

You will do a job  for a client, with all your passion and energy, and they'll even tell you how happy they are, with what you have done. And then of course, you'll send in your invoice. After nothing is happening in your account and you do not hear back from the client, you will ask politely what might have happended. And you will remind them about the invoice. Most of the times, you'll get no answer. Again. Or you'll get told some funny stories about why, because and how they haven't been able to pay. Still friendly, you are sending out another reminder. They'll tell you that the money had been adviced a day earlier. Again, nothing happens. Well, I don't want to bore you, this goes back and forth for a while. Your tone will get more strict, theirs will become more and more offended. The situation heats up.

I have to admit, not everybody acts like this and over the years, you'll develop one or the other strategy to deal with such situations. Once or twice a year though, it will become too much and things simply explode. As we're both working as freelancers, there is not much to backup or funds we could happily live off for a while. But the part that annoys me the most actually, is all the time and energy spend within these phases. The arguments at home, simply grown out of pressure. The time spend, that I was short in the studio. And all the fun, that has been taken away, because the topic lingers around within everything you'll do.

I am trying to stay focused and disciplined, trying hard to see the little sunny things, as stated yesterday. I also know, that this is going to pass and will look much smaller in respective, but right now I have simply felt like telling you guys, that this is the reason for me being a lot quiet lately.

For this week, I wish that we're able to react wisely and calm. I will hope for the issues to get solved. And I wish for everybody, enough sunny patches to smile about the rain. Have a good one.

P.S. Dania, you were totally right about the branches. A beech it is. Woman, you know your woods!

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