November 22, 2015

simply sunday

For weeks, we had the first Sunday breakfast together. The husband and I. Both, we are sitting in our office aka studio now, silently working. No big deals or life changing adventures, just paperwork and packing stuff, to send it out by tomorrow. Both, our headsets on, we are listening to our own tunes. Mine is Tom Waits. And I am asking myself, when it had been the last time, I was listening to this guy. I am happy in this bubble. Tired, but happy, while the November weather has finally turned into the wet and cold mode. Berlin had even snow today. Fine with me, including the early darkness. Some days just need this kind of setting.

But oh, to make it not too cosy for myself, last week I have decided to finish off this year, with a little exhibition. I just needed to give myself a kick and a good dose of artworking, as well. No real concept yet, by far not enough pieces either, but on December the 18th, we are going to have a one night show in the Fishbowl. And you know what, apart from a sightly hysterical beast crawling in from behind, I am so looking forward to this. Feel free to call me crazy, but the idea of late night painting and long studio hours, make my heart jump intensively.

Tonight though, calls for more tea, a hot bath and probably some Turkish takeaway. I wish you a good Sunday night and an even more pleasant start into the upcoming week.

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